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Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Wedgie Game - Wedgie Hunt

We are on the hunt for WEDGIES. We are searching high and low for wedgies. Be careful they may sneak up on you when your not looking. Get your mobile device ready to capture them and share your success with your friends. Wedgie Hunt is a fun interactive game available for iphone, itouch, ipad and android devices. Users can create custom hunt lists or pick items from our library. Players join a hunt and take pictures of items on the list to complete items on list. Players will have live updates as everyone completes items and who ever completes the most items in the specified time wins!!!!
wedgie hunt
   wedgie dare


  1. Hey heres a bunch of my stuff! Feel free to use it ect!

    there you are! Mess with it! Link it! Ect! And let me know if you want to cooperate in any blogging or something!?